2019 Miss South Africa pageant | THE RED REVIEW

Hello, lovies!

Thank you for coming back to my little blog! I hope you guys enjoyed my first couple vlogs – if not, you should totally go watch them! This time around, I decided to switch things up for all my fellow fashion lovers and messy bitches.

I have always loved red carpet fashion and I don’t know why. Maybe that time my sister made us binge watch every episode of The Rachael Zoe Project had longer lasting effects than anticipated? Crowding around the television to watch our faves walk the red carpet was almost a family affair in our household and I just can’t shake the habit of dragging people’s horrible taste in clothing from my couch in my pyjamas.

Feel free to watch the first few videos in the THE RED REVIEW playlist to see how rough this year has been. But basically, in this show/series/thing I will be criticising red carpet fashion from major local and international events as often as I can.

I know that some people have a problem being honest about their faves. We can all attest to that in South Africa, especially considering that we are still dealing with the Tragic Wig Epidemic of 2015 – 2018 as a nation. But see, I am simply not that bitch. I’m especially excited to be back to doing this on my own turf because I can get back on my bullshit.

If you’re familiar with my brand of commentary, just scroll past this and go enjoy your data watching the video below. If not, please familiarise yourself with how we approach these things around here.

First of all, if something is ugly then that’s that. I don’t care who is wearing it, who designed it or what diamond carriage way personally delivered to your door. Secondly, this is not for stans. Meaning that I am talking about their outfits, not the individual. I can love you but think you need to go home to burn your dress so I never have to see it again. Thirdly, you can disagree with me and each other. That’s okay, that’s the fun of these conversations – but what we will not do is start dragging each other over a few meters of satin.

Okay? Okay! Fantastic! So, in this comeback episode, we’ll be looking at the judges, host and contestants of the 2019 Miss South Africa pageant held on the 9th of August.


Let me know what you think of the looks! Which Bonang Matheba look was your fave? And what in the entire hell is Enhle Mbali going through right now? Drop your 2cents in the comment section below!