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The dance bug has definitely gotten in to my system.

I came back to dance at a very low point in my life. It was supposed to be for a little bit or just a hobby but it feels too damn good. Thanks to these incredible choreographers, I get to keep delving deeper in to it and I am so grateful.

For my latest dance video, I teamed up with the amazing Sufyaan Moosa for something a bit more rough with a lyrical hip-hop routine.

For those of you who watched it, you’ll recognise the song from the recent episode of What’s On My Playlist. I absolutely adore Jessi, the Korean-American female rapper who knows how to connect right with the inner bad bitch hidden behind my social anxiety. This song is hands down one of the best Korean Hip-Hop songs in my playlist AND she teams up with Flowsik, another actual legend.

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This year, I finally stopped procrastinating and achieved a goal of mine: conducting my own workshop!

I feel I’m in a very privileged position to have been allowed to accumulate all this information stored in my brain. As such, I also recognize that the way that access is set up, I’m one of few and therefore have an obligation to pay it forward.

This September, I finally teamed up with a few friends in the industry and hosted my first workshop. The topic was: Artist Management and PR.

In my time as an Entertainment Journalist, I realised that most acts don’t get as much coverage as they could because their team doesn’t know how to effectively communicate with media. This was my attempt at bridging the gap.

Only a small group of managers (emerging and established) showed up in person – ironically, none of them were from our collective pool of a few thousand followers. It was interesting to see that people who badger us for free information online not take the opportunity to receive more. But it was the perfect group of students: people with a genuine passion and who understand the value of the information on the table.

I will absolutely be doing it again – once I can afford to!

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When I was younger, I used to love performing. I was never the most breathtaking vocalist or skilled dancer but I loved being on stage. I did a bit of public speaking and acting but most of my spare time was spent on dance until I was about 15 years old. I did a few competitions, a lot of talent shows and way too many rejected auditions. Eventually, I out grew it – at least I thought I did.

I’ve honestly been through quite a bit this year. Like it’s not as bad as last year but it is still very… heavy. But instead of letting the pending depression win another round, I decided to go back to something that has always added a lot of joy and fulfilment in my heart. I needed a spiritual boost and all my tarot readers kept telling me to “honour my inner child” so that’s what I did.

I realised in my first class with my dance teacher, Justine de Queer, that this is exactly what I needed to get past this rough patch. We decided to take my love for dance and collaboration, then mix in my obsession with video to collaborate on a dance video for my channel!

Darryn aka Justine de Queer is an incredible performer and choreographer based in Johannesburg. The JDQ team know how to create just the right choreo to bring out your most confident self. This is exactly what the doctor ordered! I am a bit rusty since it’s been almost a decade since I was serious about this dance thing but I enjoyed working on this dance to once of my favourite songs by a personal all time fave.

So here it is, a little dance video of me. Set to Addict by Korean Pop Goddess and one of my personal spiritual healers, Sunmi.

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I’m pretty sure that I have an amazing taste in music. Part of that is because of how I listen to a little bit of everything! So, I decided to bring you guys into my playlist, one genre at a time…

In the first attempt at an episode, I am joined by fellow Content Producer and K-Pop music journalist, Janine Samuels.

We give you guys an educational break down of 15 artists you should listen to as an introduction to the world of South Korean music.

In part 1 we also talk about how girl groups differ, what the secret to the BTS hype is and more!

In Part 2 we venture in to Korean hip-hop and other genres too!



In this new vlog, you guys can come shopping with me! My friend, Thiruna, and I decided to head over to Menlyn Shopping Center in Pretoria to go try on the new #MantshoxHM collection!

I may be off the beat but I fashion has always been my first love. I was primarily a Fashion Journalist for about 5 years of my career, even though I distanced myself from the local industry this year, I have always kept my eye on the announcements.

This is the first H&M collaboration with an African designer so it was a must to check out! I am such a fan of Palesa Mokhubung after having followed her career so I was happy to hear she bagged the opportunity. But this is still H&M so there are a lot of… holes.

I will say we are honest but this is what happens a Gemini and Scorpio link up. Let me know what you thought of the collection! And the vlog!

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We are back with a peek in to my real life! In this vlog, I bring you guys along for a typical day of an independent Content Creator. This is from an interview I recently did for in July with South African artist, Tshego. It was a great interview and I was happy too meet my bitso, bathong!

But this vlog isn’t about him. In this vlog, I wanted to share the realities of Content Producers in South African media. It is not glamorous, most publications really can’t afford all the costs that come with video production for every celebrity interview. It is not easy to get the budget approved, never mind actually execute but I always try my best to deliver quality content.

I am a one-woman shooting and editing team for the most part. This means I don’t have interns doing this shit for met as yet. It involves a lot of carrying and gazataing equipment to get the final product and file that invoice.


Let me know what you think in the comment section! Also, don’t hesitate to let me know what other kind of content do you want to see from me?



2019 Miss South Africa pageant | THE RED REVIEW

Hello, lovies!

Thank you for coming back to my little blog! I hope you guys enjoyed my first couple vlogs – if not, you should totally go watch them! This time around, I decided to switch things up for all my fellow fashion lovers and messy bitches.

I have always loved red carpet fashion and I don’t know why. Maybe that time my sister made us binge watch every episode of The Rachael Zoe Project had longer lasting effects than anticipated? Crowding around the television to watch our faves walk the red carpet was almost a family affair in our household and I just can’t shake the habit of dragging people’s horrible taste in clothing from my couch in my pyjamas.

Feel free to watch the first few videos in the THE RED REVIEW playlist to see how rough this year has been. But basically, in this show/series/thing I will be criticising red carpet fashion from major local and international events as often as I can.

I know that some people have a problem being honest about their faves. We can all attest to that in South Africa, especially considering that we are still dealing with the Tragic Wig Epidemic of 2015 – 2018 as a nation. But see, I am simply not that bitch. I’m especially excited to be back to doing this on my own turf because I can get back on my bullshit.

If you’re familiar with my brand of commentary, just scroll past this and go enjoy your data watching the video below. If not, please familiarise yourself with how we approach these things around here.

First of all, if something is ugly then that’s that. I don’t care who is wearing it, who designed it or what diamond carriage way personally delivered to your door. Secondly, this is not for stans. Meaning that I am talking about their outfits, not the individual. I can love you but think you need to go home to burn your dress so I never have to see it again. Thirdly, you can disagree with me and each other. That’s okay, that’s the fun of these conversations – but what we will not do is start dragging each other over a few meters of satin.

Okay? Okay! Fantastic! So, in this comeback episode, we’ll be looking at the judges, host and contestants of the 2019 Miss South Africa pageant held on the 9th of August.


Let me know what you think of the looks! Which Bonang Matheba look was your fave? And what in the entire hell is Enhle Mbali going through right now? Drop your 2cents in the comment section below!