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This year, I finally stopped procrastinating and achieved a goal of mine: conducting my own workshop!

I feel I’m in a very privileged position to have been allowed to accumulate all this information stored in my brain. As such, I also recognize that the way that access is set up, I’m one of few and therefore have an obligation to pay it forward.

This September, I finally teamed up with a few friends in the industry and hosted my first workshop. The topic was: Artist Management and PR.

In my time as an Entertainment Journalist, I realised that most acts don’t get as much coverage as they could because their team doesn’t know how to effectively communicate with media. This was my attempt at bridging the gap.

Only a small group of managers (emerging and established) showed up in person – ironically, none of them were from our collective pool of a few thousand followers. It was interesting to see that people who badger us for free information online not take the opportunity to receive more. But it was the perfect group of students: people with a genuine passion and who understand the value of the information on the table.

I will absolutely be doing it again – once I can afford to!

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