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When I was younger, I used to love performing. I was never the most breathtaking vocalist or skilled dancer but I loved being on stage. I did a bit of public speaking and acting but most of my spare time was spent on dance until I was about 15 years old. I did a few competitions, a lot of talent shows and way too many rejected auditions. Eventually, I out grew it – at least I thought I did.

I’ve honestly been through quite a bit this year. Like it’s not as bad as last year but it is still very… heavy. But instead of letting the pending depression win another round, I decided to go back to something that has always added a lot of joy and fulfilment in my heart. I needed a spiritual boost and all my tarot readers kept telling me to “honour my inner child” so that’s what I did.

I realised in my first class with my dance teacher, Justine de Queer, that this is exactly what I needed to get past this rough patch. We decided to take my love for dance and collaboration, then mix in my obsession with video to collaborate on a dance video for my channel!

Darryn aka Justine de Queer is an incredible performer and choreographer based in Johannesburg. The JDQ team know how to create just the right choreo to bring out your most confident self. This is exactly what the doctor ordered! I am a bit rusty since it’s been almost a decade since I was serious about this dance thing but I enjoyed working on this dance to once of my favourite songs by a personal all time fave.

So here it is, a little dance video of me. Set to Addict by Korean Pop Goddess and one of my personal spiritual healers, Sunmi.

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